If Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura managed to revolutionize the shinobi world, part of the credit is due to the will inherited from their master Kakashi, who could also take on the role of lighthouse for them new generation of Boruto ninja. However, this is not the case. The sixth Hokage never appeared in the course of the Kishimoto and Ikemoto manga.

Kakashi Hatake still remains one of the most beloved protagonists of the entire saga. However, he has since been reported missing in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations never appeared without a seemingly valid reason. The fandom continues to wonder if and when Kakashi will return to the pages of Boruto's manga.

The absence of Kakashi is hardly a surprise. Apart from Naruto and Sasuke, protagonists of the events, the other ninjas of their generation You are unable to create enough space for yourself. Therefore, a ninja from two eras can hardly find a place in a series that wants to bet everything on the new characters.

But in the future, fans might be pleasantly surprised. With an old woman Interview from 2019 Mikio Ikemoto hints at the return of the sixth Hokage. The manga's illustrator responded to a question about whether there were any characters that hadn't appeared that he would have liked to have drawn in an older version, and named him Kakashi.

"It would be a spoiler, but you must be wondering: Why hasn't Sensei Kakashi found any screen time despite being such a popular character? What a mystery, I can't say much about that.".

Many years after this interview Nothing has changed and one wonders if anything will ever change. Maybe Kakashi won't return until this Boruto character sacrifices himself for Leaf Village.

Meanwhile, even in the anime series Kakashi has not found a place for some time. His last appearance dates back to the fight with Kashin Koji from Boruto 211.

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