For the creation of Goku, it was necessary for the protagonist to properly explore and know not only the world of Dragon Ball, but also who lived there. Among dinosaurs, humans and anthropomorphic creatures, Akira Toriyama left room for imagination but also for good writing and created excellent outlines Villains in Dragon Ball.

Although many of them played central roles for a short time, they wrote the most important pages of manga history. Let's stick with the first Dragon Ball anime, which were the worst villains and which were the best? We create a ranking by choosing among the most important ones, starting from the last position.

Let's start with pilaf, the first real enemy to appear in Dragon Ball and who has contested the Dragon Balls more than once with Goku and his companions. The blue-skinned villain is least menacing and related only to the Dragon Balls. He never scored any real threat except when he was first introduced.

With General Blue you level up a lot, a character with homosexual tendencies that were not at all obvious for the time, especially in a role as a villain in which he managed to shine through skills and thanks to a technique of great value. Fourth is Tenshinhan, the one who assumed the role of Goku's greatest rival during the twenty-second Tenkaichi Tournament. This issue's winner, the Crane's Hermit's apprentice, was a real villain, if only for a short time.

The top 3 open with piccolo instead, heir to a demonic dynasty destined to take control of Earth. Although his development will mainly take place in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo has managed to bring desperation and concreteness to his evil ambitions during the last saga of the first series. Second is Taopaipai, a major antagonist of the Red Ribbon saga, if not the most important of that saga. Violence and ferocity make him one of Goku's toughest opponents and one of the most important in his development.

Finally in first position is the big little wizardOwners of one of the most beautiful Dragon Ball saga ever, where death and cruelty is breathed in every episode, with a high risk of death.

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