There are so many Pokemon themed products, one of the world's bestsellers. In fact, the Pokémon Company project is very extensive and boasts countless gadgets, stuffed animals, characters, as well as the famous video games. Sometimes there are also cooperations with clothing brands and so the catchable creatures also appear on shoes and shirts.

So the The Pokémon world in terms of merchandising is extremely diverse and where official production fails to reach fans. Given the variety of creatures that inhabit this universe, there are many special products that can be crafted through inspiration from Pokémon's special abilities. For example, an Electric Pokémon could be a great charger for cell phones and other devices.

The artist Nendoyorishin, who knows about clay, made this project a reality. Using a wireless charger, he created one Pikachu statue that can charge a smartphone, as you can see in the picture. The Pokémon is perfectly recreated with its yellow complexion and tail, while the charger has been placed on one of its red cheeks. Do you like this creation and would you keep it at home?

There are many fake Pokémon products around the world. And did you know the origins of Pikachu?

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