Kentaro Miura barely managed to attend to one final chapter before it expired in May 2021. The author left GAGA studio to complete work on Berserk Chapter 364, which was then published in September 2021 in the classic Young Animal magazine that had welcomed the series...since its inception. That Cliffhanger left everyone stunned.

For several months it only seemed that way Remote hypothesis to continue berserker. Chapter 364 was the last written by Kentaro Miura, and GAGA Publishers and Studio have not revealed any useful information. However, with the latest issue of the magazine, Hakusensha shared the resumption of Berserk, which continues thanks to the assistants of Kentaro Miura and, above all, to Kouji Mori, mangaka by trade and Miura's best friend, whom he has known since school.

In addition to the long editorial letter and Mori, one has also appeared on Young Animal Preview page for the terrifying Berserk 365 and that awakens one of the main nightmares. The sigil of the eclipse, the cursed sign that plagues the bodies of Gatsu and Caska, is back, reflected in the eyes of the heroine who has recently regained her sanity. Below is the image with Berserk's return date of June 24, 2022.

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