Set in the land of Wa, the narrative arc now appears to have ended. Chapter 1051 marked a turning point in the narrative of ONE PIECE and between the splendid speech of the new Shogun and the rejoicing of the townsfolk, important news for the Straw Hat Pirates was also confirmed.

Since its initial introduction, the character of Yamato, daughter of Emperor Kaido and a staunch supporter of Kozuki Oden's values, to the point that she was dubbed the legendary samurai, she was viewed by readers as a possible member of Luffy's crew. All of the discussions and theories that arose later seem to have eventually proved far-sighted and essentially correct.

In Chapter 1051, in a brief sequence showing all the Mugiwara while Luffy and Zoro are still unconscious, Yamato introduces himself to the others and states firmly "I will join you on your ship! I am Kozuki Oden. Also known as Yamato! Nice to meet you!" The choice Kaido's daughter made is obvious, and Luffy will most likely happily accept having her as his companions, especially considering the help she received during the various stages of the clash with the Emperor.

As usual, let us know what you think of Yamato in the crew by leaving a comment below. Finally, we would like to remind you that ONE PIECE will have a long break from the end of June 2022.

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