We're at the end of a 2020 that for Weekly Shonen Jump was an almost complete makeover. Many stable series have come to an end, some through natural inferences like Demon Slayer and others through unexpected traffic accidents like Act-Age. The magazine is currently serializing many series to make up for the many shortcomings.

After the round of new series is complete, the magazine will return to give its covers and opening color pages to other manga. It's your turn at Weekly Shonen Jump # 43 Jujutsu Kaisen, with the manga by Gege Akutami, who has to celebrate the arrival of the anime on Crunchyroll and the release of the new Tankobon. From the next issue, however, two very young series will be given special consideration.

Contrary to usual Weekly Shonen Jump has already announced that it will give Undead Unluck and Mashle a cover and lead color page. The two mangas started early this 2020, so they are the leaders of the younger works, but despite their age, they seem to have already consolidated in the contemporary panorama.

Undead Unluck won an award last August and has proven to be very popular Mashle It's a work that combines Harry Potter and One-Punch Man and makes a name for itself in the volume charts, with constant sales for such a young work. Weekly Shonen Jump is ready to bet on these two mangas, confident they will be a stable part of the magazine's future cast.

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