A PIECE 985: Where’s the new naval power? And how will that affect Wanokuni?

In ONE PIECE, many powers are at stake in each saga, although many are not seen. Between navy, world government and pirates, who are divided into different groups everywhere, Luffy and the others have to deal with many enemies who can attack them from any direction at any time. How is the situation explained in A PIECE 985 For the world?

We currently know that the navy commanded by Akainu is fully taken over by Levely and his organization. Even when the event ends, all of the organization's highlights are still on the red line and nearby, and therefore cannot afford to interfere in the newly formed alliance between Big Mom and Kaido. As announced by X-Drake, SWORD captain, there will be several problems for world peace on the island, but Koby has indicated that the new initiatives to abolish the Shichibukai are far too much for the navy to do. But this also includes the new weapon of the world government.

And to bring it back to ONE PIECE fans, Kaido, the emperor, who mentioned this in chapter 985 in his speech to his pirates and samurai, thinks of it The world government has now prepared this new weapon. To face them and conquer the world, you need One Piece Treasure in Laugh Tale Ancestral Weapons in addition to Gol D. Rogers. Kaido plans to attack the entire navy and new weapons that, if unleashed, would surely not come to Wanokuni as quickly.

However, it is unlikely that a battle will take place on the island of Samurai since then Luffy is sure to beat Kaido and his crewand freed Wanokuni from his yoke. When will we see a fight between the protagonists of ONE PIECE and the new weapons of the world government?

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