For some time, the anime series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations She ventured into events never explored in the manga, alternating exciting and successful episodes with others less so. One of the last episodes caused a lot of conversation due to the animations judged to be insufficient and a brilliant cosplayer gives us a thematic pearl.

Team 7 and Team 5 venture into the current original Boruto saga land of water to deepen the scientific development of the ninja world. However, in a foreign land, the Misty Village is under attack by the Funato Pirate Clan.

After freeing the leader Araumi Funato, his children sow panic in the Land of Water, which is quickly invaded by well-structured naval attacks. In Boruto Episode 246, after a long struggle between the two fronts, One of the characters dies in battle.

Kagura's death angers the comrades present at the crime scene, triggering a scream that has gone viral in Boruto. The community has talked a lot about it insufficient quality of animationsbut later one of Boruto's animators gave an official explanation.

Ignore the version of events, the genius, vicious lonelyHe reinterpreted Boruto's tears in his own way. In @lowcostcosplayth's vision, it wasn't the death of Kagura that triggered the protagonist's scream, but the trampled on building blocks. The cosplay is completed with a yellow cardboard box simulating the character's hair, a hand-drawn mustache and a leaf forehead cover with a phallus symbol.

As always, the cosplayer is on the hunt, and after the cheap Spy x Family cosplay starring Anya, he strikes again with one of her caricatures.

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