On the night of April 27th the director and voice actor Eduardo Garza reported on his official Twitter account about the death of the director and the voice actress Diana Perezat the age of 51. «Rest in peace Diana Pérez, a strong, cultured, intelligent and very talented woman. You are fine now, friend ... nothing hurts anymore. Good Trip."wrote.

Diana Pérez was recognized in life in the Latin dubbing of the animated franchise by Pokémon, the voice of Jessie by Team Rocket. At 51, Diana also gave her voice to characters like Kagura in Inuyasha and Hilda in Sabrina the teenage witchand Luffy when dubbing for the first time One piece and Misae Nohara in the early seasons of Shin Chan.

His participation was also included in the world of video games, working to increase rates such as: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 like Kaguya Ootsutsuki and Julia Anderson in Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure In 2012. Thousands of fans in Latin America sacked the actress and voice actress because she was part of her childhood. Recommended posts include:

  • «His voice is childhood. She was one of my favorite voice actresses because she knew how to make bad guys charismatic. Now you can expand your kingdom to the stars»
  • «She was one of those who had a very pretty tone and I always identified her by her voice. Don't just invent last week when Tony Rodríguez left and now her. rest in peace».
  • «May he rest in paradise, I never thought that such news would affect me so much, I never met her, but subconsciously I grew up with her work. I can only thank you infinitely for giving some characters such a special synchronization who was anyway made something wonderful out of our childhood».

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