The final arc of My Hero Academia officially began with chapter 306. It will be a long time before we see the latest hero adventure, but Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi is bringing it now Deku's career at the end in the world of manga.

Leveraging the release of Jump GIGA, Shueisha's aperiodic magazine that often features interviews, oneshots and special chapters of the most famous manga published on Weekly Shonen Jump, the publisher has brought Kohei Horikoshi and his manga to the fore. Indeed My Hero Academia is on the cover of the new issue of Jump GIGA - what you can see in the first tweet on the left - with Shoto Todoroki protagonist.

But within the tape there are various revelations about the ending of My Hero Academia by the Mangaka Horikoshi. The sensei actually confirms that the last arc is the one that is currently running, and that the The conclusion of the story was considered before publication began. Also, the events he has told so far have taken a lot longer than expected, but that hasn't changed how it all ends.

Horikoshi, pressured by questions, also revealed i Characters featured at the end of My Hero Academia. According to Mangaka, Ochako Uraraka and Hawks will get a prime role. Shoji, Shinso and Monoma will also have their moments, and Sero will have a special epic moment. The other characters are given more space and help, with Horikoshi asking to keep an eye on everyone.

Who knows if any of these scenarios will happen as early as Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia.

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