Spriggan's animated customization by brand was announced early last year Netflix it quickly went cunning amid the wave of new commercials and television productions. After several months of silence, the American giant has finally broken reservations to reveal some news about the much-anticipated fantasy series.

Netflix is โ€‹โ€‹preparing to revive a cult and hugely popular title in Japan after an unfortunate '98 anime adaptation overseen by Katsuhiro Otomo personally. Either way, the original fantasy work of Hiroshi Takashige is Ryoji Minagawa is about to enjoy a new TV transposition of the studio David production, famous for Jojo's bizarre adventure.

We shouldn't have to wait long since the anime debuted is set to 2021But now we can be satisfied with the new promotional poster that was released by the studio and that is attached at the bottom of the news. If you don't know the story, the editor Planet Manga, who owns the rights for the paper counterpart in Italy, describes the plot of the work as follows:

""The Spriggan are an elite group of Arcam fighters, a Japanese multinational that has been involved in researching and sealing these artifacts since its inception. The protagonist of the manga is a special Spriggan, Yu Ominae, a student with the natural abilities of an extraordinary fighter. By developing this character, religious, technological and, above all, humanitarian issues are covered.""

And what do you expect from this new Netflix anime instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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