The following review of The God of High School Chapter 10 It contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it and come back on any platform. Attention, in this series you will learn how to get ... bananas with a flying kick.

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"The key is awake."


This is one of the reasons and one of the reasons Park Ilpyo fights, trains hard, and tries so hard at God of High School that it is called Park Seungyeon. This young girl who loves martial arts and who grew up with her brother Park Seungah and her cousin Park Ilpyo at the same time, but because of the circumstances of her life, took a turn for the future when she faced Jegal Taek, a young man he can be so ruthless like his charyeok. Now Seungyeon is in a clinical condition that prevents him from walking all by himself and that has forever prevented him from practicing martial arts. Its wings have just been cut off and all for a dirty act. Park Ilpyo is now using all his energy and skill to face his next opponent, the Seoul team, and among them his greatest competitor Jin Mori.

Park Mujin took the time to meet with Jin Mori, Yoo Mira and Han Daewi to explain what happened in the fight against the Jeju team, as all participants were manipulated by NOX. Organization that asked Feilong to finish off Jin Mori, but the outcome of which has failed and that has verified that it is Jegal Taek ... Let us not misunderstand his appearance in such a dark scene, because he just go with the key and his foray into Nox is clearly "beneficial", but never a member (according to him).

The big day has come and Seoul will fight Jeollanam-Do, two strong teams with members full of potential. The first to compete against each other is Han Daewi and Park Seungah, a promising game that shows the skills acquired in Daewi's secret training. Even so, his opponent has shown great skill in throwing him off balance on the first attack. Here time leads us to the conversation that Han Daewi and his companions had with Park Mujin, where the gods, power, the Charyeok and Nox have drawn attention, as having skills is a clear offense extremist group that believes in the existence of only one god. For everyone, it is a problem that needs all of their attention, but for Jin Mori, it is the opportunity to get stronger, win the tournament, get information from Nox, and save his grandfather, Jin Taejin.

Han Daewi awakened a force of greater ability, which is why she managed to beat Park Seungah, the girl who fought to the end without fear of living the same story as her sister Park Seungyeon. Now that Daewi has won, there are only words for Jin Mori because not just one will win, the three will win together, they will lose and win as a team, last words from member Yoo Mira. After Park Iltae receives a boost from Seungyeon herself with her words of encouragement, the boy is ready to fight. A fight that completely ignored the events between Nox and Park Mujin's team. Sang Mandeok is the name of the Nox leader and enemy of Park Mujin, a young man who leads the organization with more extreme ideals across Korea and who, because of his belief in a mighty God, chose to awaken the key. But they not only pursue this character with great skill, because Park Mujin held this tournament not only to find young people with unprecedented skills, but also to get the key from Nox.

Now the long-awaited fight begins and the two boys Park Ilpyo and Jin Mori are in a better mood to fight. The fight has begun and is as worth seeing as a good piece of art, as the movements of both boys reflect the great ability that distinguishes them. However, it appears that Jin Mori has some unevenness compared to his opponent, yet Park Ilpyo will highlight his old acquaintance's skills.
First weakness: You can't stand close combat.
Second weakness: They call out the name of the technology and reveal it.
Third weakness: your techniques affect your body too much.
Even if Jin Mori gives so much, beating Park Ilpyo seems useless.

Outside the ring, but just above it, there is a large scale and high collateral damage battle going on, but Park Mujin tries to counter it while his team tries to keep Nox from expanding and reaching the tournament ... But the ability en Sang Mandeok has managed to open the doors to a god and wield the sword that judges those who use combat skills and charyeok for other purposes, less to serve Nox. Now when Jin returns to the arena, he has taken into account everything that has been violently thrown at him, what is indicated by weakness and lack of order in his talent, but he knows how to listen and analyze, so after this lesson from Park Ilpyo, Jin has Mori decided to use everything he knew to his advantage ... Like the skills of Yoo Mira and Han Daewi mixed with his own.

While one of the six is ​​over the sand on the roof that covers an exemplary battle, he will try to stop the huge sword wielded by a god and called by Sang Mandeok. This vagabond-looking man is Hallyang Seo, who, together with his students' compass and the use of their weapons, launches "The National Treasures" in a series of attacks on the end of Seoul. Under this umbrella problem, Park Ilpyo Jin Mori gives so many lessons that it is obvious that all of this is a quick workout that was well received by Jin. But this fight is not the only one worth watching, because the one that is fought outside between the referees and the members of Nox has managed to stand out through the beautiful synchronicity in the martial arts. Thank you Hallyang Seo. Sang Mandeok's sword is broken and has taken great danger out of the arena.

Only one thing resounds in Park Ilpyo's mind: the words of the man he admires and to whom he owes everything, Jin Taejin. He just asked a favor before leaving after handing out such a valuable book full of skills: "This is my grandson Jin Mori ... If you meet him one day, could you teach him a few things?" Promises of Park Ilpyo fulfilled, but even if he is, he realizes that Jin Mori is very strong, he does not allow himself to be lost ... And here, when in Ilpyo a power that is from the same god, from one of the main gods, the fox of, is granted Nine Tails. Called "the key" by Park Mujin and Sang Mandeok themselves, the key has awakened.


As always, I will begin by explaining what was or was not, what was or was not in the chapter and in Manhwa. It should be noted that this adaptation is worldwide and that this chapter was so great that I couldn't believe it. But enough of something and let's start the opinion section ... Which opinion has very little. When the battle ended and Jin Mori could rest, Park Mujin Nah Hanseong's doppelganger was tied to a chair in his facilities, which eventually relayed messages from his master, the leader of NOX, but Park Mujin refused. While the other judges of the tournament, the one with blond hair and the one with red hair, cleaned up what would have been a problem for the tournament. I mean, they literally had a few bad guys.

In the Manhwa, this leader of the Nox spoke of how a girl who could be very powerful would be blessed or baptized to be present in the upcoming battle. While Feilong was completely destroyed by Jegal Taeks Charyeok, who is not only the leader of his team but apparently a parole member to join Nox. But apart from that and here comes a big but big leap in history and that is that Jin faced other groups (I won't say names because it's a lot) but not only the Seoul group but the Jegal as well Taek group others and have closed the fight more.

Now comes the part that opened this episode, and it's the sad story of Park Ilpyo and his cousin Park Seungah who has a sister and apparently can't walk. Her name is Park Seungyeon ... This information goes without saying. Upstairs because in Manhwa the time comes when the Park Ilpyo team has to face Jin Pum Kwang, but this is where this 38 year old guy meets the girl named Bora in the bathroom, but here in these reviews it's better known as that lost imitation of "Kill Bill, The Bride", who attacked Jin Pum because of his boredom and prevented him from participating in the fight against the Park Ilpyo team. But someone else comes into this bathroom and that's Han Daewi (so yeah, everything was very, very different from the anime ... but the most important thing is that the series is 1A, here we come to fill in the blanks).

The explanation why Bora Jin Pum Kwang attacked is that Jegal Taek received a visit from a Nox member who complained to him about killing Feilong in need of his boring doppelganger power. But Jegal responds that he's not with Nox, that he's just cooperating and that he won't receive any orders or restrictions, and tells Bora that the tournament will be boring and he can go out to eat as much as he wants. The result was confronting Jin Pum Kwang and Han Daewi, but he avoided attacking them and was rescued by Bora's other partner, plus a threat to the neck with Yoo Mira's katana. After several more clashes between Teams and Q, Han Daewi's coach offered himself ... Starting with the first test, which reads under this statement: “You must first have good communication with people and your fellow human beings, if you do not achieve this you hope for a communication with God ”, and after Q said this, Q asked Han Daewi to have 100 different wives before 6:00 pm.

Park Mujin used Referee P's skills to bring Nah Hanseong to mind and figure out what NOX is up to, while urging his referees and allies to be aware of every act and attack every enemy ... with full force with no limits . What comes now is the long-awaited confrontation between Seoul and the Jeonnam team while Han Daewi managed to get the job done and win over 100 elderly women. The important thing is that I do the job. While in the same hospital where Park Ilpyo's cousin and Park Seungah's sister are recovering, she finds her skills just plain boring. There is also young Jeon Jugok, heir to one of the six and grandson of Jaesan Jeon. But the green haired young man just doesn't want to see his grandfather in those moments of shame, so Jaesan Jeon decides to go and return to the ring to guess what would be the first battle to watch in nearly six years.

One of the things that excites me the most is the first meeting between Nox and Park Mujin's team. It all starts with Referee Q, the yellow-haired referee and other characters who have made careers in Manhwa and who start the confrontation in the middle of the street. While Park Mujin faces a character from "Dracula" and another from "Stranger Things". But time goes by the same for everyone and that means the last three teams facing each other are Jin Mori, Park Ilpyo and Jegal Taek. In this work by referee P in Nah Hanseong's head, something literally goes wrong because the leader of Nox appears out of nowhere, but not just in front of P or Park Mujin, but also behind Jeon Jugok. All of these intense moments, along with the start of the fighting between Jin and the other team, begin.

The first round takes place between Jin Mori and Ryu Hyeonbok

This episode 10 covers chapters 69 through 85 of the Manhwa. (Some chapters cover parts of Episodes 8 and 9).


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