We have seen since the beginning of the manga The two characters of Asta and Yuno are opposite. The protagonist of Black Clover had to work differently than the other orphan, who was instead born with extraordinary magical power. But both have come to the same point and are fighting for the same goals.

They are also always in the same boat, since they both lost to a member of the Dark Triad. And now with the last chapters of Black cloverThey decided to train hard to learn how to better control their powers and once again face the enemies of the Kingdom of Swords.

We saw Asta struggle with dark training thanks to the contribution of the Demon Love and Vice-Captain Night. But Black clover 272 Let's take a look at Yuno's workout progress. The boy triggers ever stronger attacks and gets very tired, but he has to work hard if he is to be able to fight his opponents. To help him there will be Langris, who unexpectedly volunteered to help him.

The Black Clover's Chapter 272 then returns to the auction who, together with love, tries to find out how to gain new strength. So far, the two days of training have been useless and Nacht decides to conduct one last experiment and take her into a dark world. Something seems to be happening here to Asta. Will he be able to unlock the demonic power with love?

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