The war is over, at least in appearance. You have to lick your wounds, recover from the catastrophes of recent times and for this Kohei Horikoshi starts a new phase of My Hero Academia, which acts as a link between the old and the new narrative arc.

We saw many wounded heroes in the hospital: Bakugo and Todoroki seem to have recovered enough, then there is Gran Torino who risked a lot, Aizawa who lost a leg and finally Deku who has not woken up yet. However, My Hero Academia 299 will not focus on one of them: the first advances, including the texts and images published on the Internet, make us understand that the protagonist of the chapter will be another hero.

The My Hero Academia 299 spoilers show us Hawks and Best Jeanist. The former couldn't die and we see him in a sad state but still able to leave the hospital. He has resigned and is accompanied by Best Jeanist. In this chapter we learn more about Hawks' past. The young man's father killed many people for money, but Hawks loved the hero Endeavor instead. The flamboyant hero captured Hawks' father in front of the boy, who couldn't believe his eyes.

Hawks' family fell apart at that moment. Then we see the two in the present in the car, with Best Jean stopping a group of villains on the fly. Meanwhile, the hero duo head to a house and a letter from Hawks' mother suggests that it was the one who revealed the winged hero's true past to Dabi. The how the death of Best Jeanist was faked. Eventually the duo seem to find a way to get Endeavor out of his political situation.

It is not yet known if Hawks can continue to be the hero, and there doesn't seem to be any news about the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

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