in the Dragon Ball Super A new story arc has begun that appears to have multiple connections to the Saiyan race. Here's which of the mighty warriors could be more explored in the future.

Through the new pages in the manga, we met the Heeter, the new antagonists of Dragon Ball Super, and we were introduced Granolahthat seems to play a central role in the story. The mercenary is the last survivor of his kind from the planet Cereal, which was previously devastated by the Saiyajins on the orders of Freeza. When he discovers that the evil alien is still alive, he is now looking for revenge.

A first character that could be gutted as the saga progresses is Baddack. Goku's father makes sporadic appearances on the Super Series, the last of which is in a sequence of the 2018 film, but new details suggest we may have more information about him in the future. The warrior indeed He was in charge of the Saiyan army accused of exterminating the race of Granolah.

Likewise Broly could get a role in the new story. In fact, fans have been waiting for the legendary Saiyan to return since the finale of the feature film he indicated that his role was not finished. Unfortunately, there was no reference to the warrior in the manga during the previous narrative arc.

Finally too Vegeta it seems that given the latest information on the one, it is getting an important part in the narrative divine powers and the possibility that the Saiyan prince can learn a better technique than Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think? Which character do you think will be deepened as the story progresses? Let us know in the comments.

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