Shaman King is one of the historical manga and anime born on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. Hiroyuki Takei was published for several years in the Shueisha home magazine but, after some problems, he decided to bring his world into the Kodansha home. Here Shaman King has become an important brand and has expanded with many spin offs and a new edition.

Surprisingly though, the news on Shaman King is not limited to the world of manga. In fact, on the Italian night the arrival of a new anime for Shaman King complete with teaser trailer 30 seconds you can see at the top of the news.

The announcement also came thanks to an official website that confirmed the arrival of Shaman King in April 2021, so next year. The story that will be presented in the anime will adapt all 35 volumes of the story (thus following the new reissue of Kodansha and not the original one of Shueisha), and which for the occasion will be put on sale in Japan starting next June 17 .

To make nostalgic fans happy, also the old 2001 animated series will be streamed again on Full Anime TV and Bonbon TV, for Japan. Recently, Shaman King celebrated 20 years from the first release date and at the moment Takei is still working on this world of shamans with the spin-off Shaman King: The Super Star.

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