Hiro Mashima has been an author on the crest of the wave for decades now. The mangaka became particularly famous with Rave: The Groove Adventure, published on the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine in the early 2000s. But it will be with Fairy Tail, one of the shonen cornerstones of the last generation, to reach popularity. Now it will do the same with EDENS ZERO.

In recent days there have been many tweets and rumors about EDENS ZERO. These rumors then became more and more concrete until Weekly Shonen Magazine announced a revelation for the manga, which will arrive with the publication of June 17. But without making us wait for that date, the mangaka Hiro Mashima has lifted the veil on the secret project of great importance.

EDENS ZERO will receive an anime and the announcement came from the author via his Twitter page. He also asked fans to "stay tuned for future updates". Since the mangaka's announcement preceded the official revelation of Kodansha, for the moment there is no information neither on a possible transmission date, which is likely to be in 2021, nor on staff and production studio.

We just have to wait for the next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine to find out more and maybe receive a trailer thanks to the official website of thesouls of EDENS ZERO.

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