Dragon Ball Super is a midquel of Dragon Ball and therefore has re-presented the main characters of Akira Toriyama's work. Besides Goku, the historical protagonist of the series, in this new work the role of Vegeta has become even more predominant, who is no longer an antagonistic rival but a full-blown protagonist.

Vegeta had initially been featured in Dragon Ball as a Saiyan strong but relatively small and skinnyespecially when compared to his old comrades Nappa and Radish. His strength, however, was significantly higher than that of Goku. Over time, however, the Saiyan's physique was changed to one almost definitive transformation in the Majin Buu saga and in current Dragon Ball Super stories.

In particular with the rescue of Goku in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super you can see how much the Saiyan has changed since the first appearances. Fans on the net have decided to show some of the biggest changes, including height growth and strong body build-up. At the bottom you can see some examples with the tweets and, of course, some goliardic jokes about the transformation received by Vegeta.

Meanwhile, the release date of the next chapter is approaching, while the first spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 61 have already appeared on the net.

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