Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter eleven contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 11 days of playing

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter 11 begins with a report on the daily routine that Hina performs at the care center. In order to meet the condition that Hina has to agree to go with him, Youta manages to spend an hour a day with her. However, things do not go well at first and that discourages the young man. After receiving encouragement from her friends and family, Youta continues her campaign to get closer to Hina. Thanks to video games, he manages to open his heart to him a little, but things get complicated when Shiba’s suspicions rise and an emergency warning appears.

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Youta’s persistence

It’s getting worse and worse for our protagonist, even though he managed to find Hina. Everything seems to indicate that she is no longer the happy girl he knew. The situation has been completely reversed, now it’s Youta who is desperate to rebuild the relationship they both built this summer. But that’s something that surpasses him because, objectively speaking, maybe it is better for Hina to stay where she is than to put her in an environment where it is not certain that she can recover. The latter must be taken with tweezers, since the girl has nowhere to properly recover, not without the machine, which has already been pulled out. In either case, we are talking about a recovery that is more of the psychological type. It is your heart that needs to heal first.

The first step in recovery is to open Yina’s heart to Yina one more time. Naively, the boy believed that it would be enough for her to see him, listen to him or even spend a little time together so that she would remember him. Unfortunately, reality isn’t that kind and nothing seems to be going well between the two. Hina’s anguish has placed her in a state of alert that prevents her from interacting with or trusting others. Shiba is the only one who managed to turn the situation around a bit. This recovery is all about making bonds and building trust from the ground up, which has been difficult for Youta, especially considering it’s against the clock. His sense of distinction has resulted in his making some mistakes when dealing with Hina.

Ultimately, his biggest mistake was falling into Shiba’s sophist trap, even if it was only for a moment, Youta couldn’t help but fall into despair over the loss of identity. But I’m not talking about him, but about Hina, since Shiba, with more lips than arguments, managed to pull him into the trap of uncertainty: Is this Hina, who he met in the summer, or rather everything was in by the machine his brain produces? As I said, it is a sophistic argument, it is a formulation that appears valid but is not correct.

There is no doubt that Dr. Korogi’s machine is impressive, but despite all this sophisticated technology, it is unable to restore human consciousness. Something that we saw fully in Hina. And that’s exactly what all of his friends and family remember Youta. It just depends on him to believe what’s true and for him it’s all the memories that they created together.

A little selfishness

Regarding Shiba’s sophistry, all we can say is that a feeling arises from it, although it is deeply commendable that it is also selfish. It should be noted that not all selfishness is bad, there are cases that are accompanied by good intentions like Shiba. She is a woman who has lost the most important thing. Shiba couldn’t do anything for his baby and tormented himself with the idea that he couldn’t bring happiness to the only being he had to protect. Unlike other grieving parents, Shiba redirected his feelings to volunteering. She felt that giving was the healing balm her heart needed, and she decided to devote herself fully to it. This is where selfishness is born because even though he is actually doing something good, it is still an act that brings him personal satisfaction and that he cannot give up.

For Hina it goes much further. Well, while she shouldn’t be romantically involved as a caregiver, Shiba has forged an emotional bond with Hina. Perhaps because of this she feels not only responsible, but also right to interfere in everything that concerns her. He does not hesitate to destroy Youta and attacks him with deceptive arguments. He quickly aroused distrust of the young man because his interest in the girl does not seem normal to him. Since Hina has only opened up to her, she feels obliged to protect her, even though she is no stranger to Youta’s desperate feelings. If she were a bit more open and not so invasive, she could realize that the fact that someone cares so much about Hina isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary, it’s good for her.

I don’t mean to say that Shiba is completely wrong, even if it seems so. After all, Hina’s emotional scars make it logical that I was careful of strangers who approached her. It’s just a problem of perspective. Shiba must have been more aware of Youta’s good intentions so that she doesn’t block the way so much and so constantly.

Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter eleven was an episode between hopelessness and hope. Over time, Youta has to do everything to get close to Hina again. In addition, their trust is constantly collapsing. Either from the initial shock of not being recognized by the girl, or from the fact that she saw her so beside herself. Even now we have Shiba’s suspicions about him and his constant mental game to convince the boy that the best thing for Hina is to stay where he is. It must be admitted that there are many complications for a young man who has not yet reached the age of the majority.

Before I finish, let me just say that this chapter was very interesting, but I find it hard to digest as the penultimate episode. Of course, I’m not going to say it was a bad chapter because it wasn’t. It’s just that it lacked a bit of the impact that a penultimate episode usually offers. It is obvious that the entire cliffhanger was reserved for the last one. Youta is on the verge of losing his passport to get closer to Hina when he finally managed to move forward. This episode had a change in the opening that tells us the whole game has changed, we’ll see what to expect in the end.

So far, I leave you the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? What is your opinion on Shiba’s attitude? Do you think Youta’s method of approaching Hina is correct or could he have done it differently? In the next episode and at the end we will see the conclusion of this adventure. After one last meeting with the memories of this summer, Youta Hina will ask the question that decides everything: “Do you want us to live together?”

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