After so many battles in which every character, be it a hero or a villain, has demonstrated their skills, the final curtain falls on the My Hero Academia saga. At the start of the last stage there was a magician with a show and magic games, but due to a distraction something else had also disappeared.

During the escape designed by Mr. Compress, he first took Shigaraki and Spinner and, as usual, turned them into spheres to free them from the power of the best Jeanist. The same fate befell Dabi, but In chapter 295 of My Hero Academia, author Kohei Horikoshi admitted that he forgot a character.

The mangaka apologized for a sketch uploaded to Twitter, which you can see below Skeptic was saved by the power of Mr. Compress and therefore it was taken away with the others. The skeptical sphere was completely forgotten by the author and this too had to be passed on to spinners together with the dabi sphere.

Although this deficiency was felt in the magazine version of the chapter, certainly the corresponding volume from My Hero Academia will contain the final version with a lot of corrections this scene.

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