What hate exudes is an intense heat that Dabi seems to have controlled out of revenge. In My Hero Academia, however, it has long been clear who will have to deal with this villain: his brother Shoto Todoroki. And the final chapters of the manga focused on the two.

That My Hero Academia 351 spoilers tell a flaming battle. We are talking about the Flashfire Fist, which as it is explained is a special technique that concentrates all the heat from your body and then releases it with a single blow. It is Endeavor's final technique.

The fight between Dabi and Todoroki continues. Dabi says all the reflections on the past have made him angry and ready to strike, while Shoto replies that his flames are so powerful he distorts his surroundings with heat. Afterwards, Daby reveals that he started with weak flames but is always looking for stronger flames to overcome Endeavor. However, his current strength is the product of a body that has lost its limitations and has learned everything by observing Endeavor from afar. Dabi uses the Hell's Spider attack on nearby heroes.

The heroes try to buy Todoroki time, but Dabi walks up behind him and starts punching him to warn his brother to be stronger than him. Shoto replies that he's right, but now all Dabi has to look at is him and not Endeavor. Todoroki begins to reconsider his friends and how he's improved over time. Reflection on a unique technique he developed with the sole purpose of stopping his brother. In another scene, Endeavor can be seen warning his son that he will take care of All for One, to which Shoto replies that it's fine as everyone has a role and he will focus on stopping Dabi.

At the end of My Hero Academia 351, Todoroki uses his Lightning Fist, and said it's true that Endeavor used his power to destroy his family, but the decision to kill other people was just Dabis. On the last page, Todoroki slaps Dabi in the face.

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