Shaman King is one of the pinnacle of 90's anime. While it didn't have a smash hit comparable to other peers of the time like Naruto and Bleach, Hiroyuki Takei's story managed to gain plenty of traction and expand through spin-offs and sequels. This led to the remake of the Shaman King anime.

This anime that lasted over a year has come to an end. It had long been known that Shaman King was near the end, and so the anime remake came very close to telling the latest challenge between Yoh and Hao, the two twins who were competing for the title of King of Shamans. Now that the story is over, it is Employees wanted to greet the spectators with some thank you posters featuring all the main characters.

However, the greeting changes with the next news: The Shaman King anime sequel is coming. The first trailer, available below, has already made the situation clear: Hana Asakura will be the new protagonist. The boy is the son of Yoh and Anna and thus heir to the Asakura family whose stories will be developed in the manga sequel. Shaman King: Flowers. It is currently unknown whether the anime will adapt the events of this manga.

Meanwhile, the video makes Hana Asakura's attitude very clear. Are you ready for the new challenges between shamans?

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