The frenetic fight between Goku and Gas in the previous dates with the manga from Dragon Ball great it paved the way for some pretty interesting developments. The temporary withdrawal of the Heeters from the battlefield has in fact given the protagonists a moment of calm where the writers have decided to take us back 40 years in the past.

By Title"Bardock against gas part 2β€œChapter 83, available on Manga Plus, immediately takes readers back to the planet Cereal, where Goku's father directly confronted Gas some 40 years prior to the present tale. An intense exchange of blows between the two is suddenly interrupted by the dragon. Torontoto which Monaito asked to take Baddack back to planet Vegeta himself, who promptly rejects the Saiyans' pride and continues the fight.

Meanwhile, the Heeters are surprised by the dragon's mysterious glow in the area where Monaito's house is, and Elec decides to investigate while he orders the others to prepare the ship to welcome Freeza. After another exchange of blows, Gas tears off Bardock's tail, which Monaito immediately defends. Unfortunately, however, the Heeter unleashes his true nature and hits the Namek hard and returns to face the Saiyan.

Baddack's unwavering will and the Saiyans' extraordinary tendency to constantly improve themselves each time they push their limits allow him to defeat Gas. Despite this apparent victory, a quick chat with Elec tells Baddack that Freeza is planning something about the Saiyans themselves. The leader of the Heeters eventually hits the Saiyan in the right shoulder, who is soon found and rescued by Monaito. The chapter ends with the image of Baddack's Scouterwhich was delivered to Goku by Monaito in the present and from which the flashback begun in Chapter 82 was created.

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