Needless to go around so much, the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine that kept billions of people locked in the house in an attempt to decrease the spread of the virus had very serious consequences on the world market, with large losses that could have serious repercussions in the long term period.

The big anime and manga industry also suffered the blow right away, between canceled events and paper or animated productions whose publication has been postponed, and only recently the situation is slowly returning to normal, with many teams that in recent weeks have finally been showing signs of recovery in the serialization of their productions.

Among the many works of which recent news have arrived, there is also Fate / stay night Heaven's Feel III Spring Song, the third film chat of the appreciated animated trilogy whose release in Japanese theaters has been postponed precisely because of the Coronavirus. Well, the team working on the production has now finally offered some news to all the fans waiting, in fact announcing through a small video published on the Twitter profile dedicated to the production - and viewable in the news - that the film will hit theaters on August 15, 2020, a confirmation that will surely make many spectators happy.

Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that some time ago a splendid key visual dedicated to Fate / stay night Heaven's Feel III Spring Song was unveiled.

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