The Marvel Comics King in Black event has come to an end, bringing a great revolution for Eddie Brock and the Symbiotic Race. The struggle that culminated the miniseries has indeed set a new status quo for all future volumes of Poison.

Driven by the god of light, Eddie Knull easily knocked down in a battle that produces numerous quotations, such as the Silver Surfer's Board or Thor's Hammer. However, when the battle ends, Venom greets the god of light.

Before doing this, however, this happens the Marvel symbiote He is forced to face one last trace of Knull's presence: the piece of essence that the black king left in his son Dylan. But when Eddie tries to extract the piece, he discovers that what is happening is actually a transformation that his own body is involved in.

""You have a new role now, Edward. You have become something else. Something new"says the god of light before he leaves Eddie's body. After these words, Venom immediately realizes that something has actually changed in him: Now he can feel the entire symbiotic hive try to communicate with him and Eddie. At the moment, however, the foreign language cannot be fully understood.

King in Black # 5, the latest miniseries, bequeaths this one shocking change to future Venom books. Here you can find all the details about King in Black, the Marvel spin-off with the Valkyries. Venom is waiting for new series and is taking shape in this magnificent collector's statue.

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