After we started with a recap of the quirks of the Yuei High School Grade 1-A boys, the fifth season of My Hero Academia presses the gas pedal with the second episode, which takes up the events that led to the conclusion of the previous season.

After Endeavor and Hawks had managed to defeat the high end Nomu with tremendous effort, they almost fell to the mat, exhausted from the tough fight and the injuries sustained. Suddenly, however, the two heroes find each other again surrounded by the blue flames of dabiwho breaks into the field to destroy them permanently.

Apparently it's not just Dabi who feels a grudge against the two Pro Heroes, Number One himself seems to have this too something is still pending with the villain. In fact, the flame hero seems almost happy about the sudden appearance of the criminal who had previously killed Snatch, one of his agency's assistants. However, the battle is interrupted even before it begins with the appearance of Mirko, a rabbit heroine who drives away the member of the Villains Union.

For those who don't remember, Snatch is the hero from the Sand Quirk who was killed during the attack on the van on the was overhaul, locked up after clashing with Deku in the fourth season of the animated. Will Endeavor and Dabi be able to resolve their pending deal in the future? And what lies between the two other than the strange resemblance of their quirks?

We discover Hawks' secret mission in My Hero Academia 5. The Remains of One For All appeared in Episode 2 of My Hero Academia 5.

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