Studio MAPPA is back to amaze viewers with the superb execution of chainsaw man which continues to receive acclaim from fans of the work and enthusiasm from critics. Even the opening managed to immediately grab attention, and one enthusiast decided to twist it with a curious crossover with the video game world.

The adventure of Denji, Makima and Power always convinces readers and viewers, who immediately noticed the quality of the series, also in the frenetic sequences of the opening theme with allusions to cult films. Artist @CSPerfectShot reconstructed scene by scene in minute detail nice opening where the characters have been replaced with their own Counterparts in the colorful world of Animal Crossing.

There is no shortage of direct references to the Nintendo title, such as the appearance of the character Isabelle or the billboards above Tom Nook's muzzle. An unexpected tribute that's already a hit with fans of the sim-life game and fans of the anime. Let us know what you think of this unexpected crossover in the comments section.

In conclusion, we remember that Denji's Palpatine caused a scandal and we leave you with the assumptions of how many chapters will be adapted in the first part of the Chainsaw Man anime.

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