Batman: Bruce Wayne becomes the new Dark Detective in the Future State series

With the announcement of a new series of events slated for early 2021, DC Comics has shocked the entire reading community, declaring that new characters will take on the role of Superman and Batman For example, while Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and many others with new identities have to act in the shadows.

With a new Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne is fueled by his constant determination to save the desolate city of Gotham City Dark detective. Gotham was completely overwhelmed by the organization called Magistrate that discovered Batman's true identity and then murdered Bruce.

Death will only turn out to be obvious as Bruce will be resurrected as the Dark Detective, ready for it continues his fight against city crimeand now against the new police department run by the same organization. The story of the first volume was written by Mariko Tamaki and drawn by Dan Mora. You can find the magnificent cover at the bottom of the page.

Below is the official description of the first edition: β€œThe world thought Bruce Wayne was dead. Fatal mistake! When The paramilitary organization known as the Magistrate takes control of Gotham City, the original Batman tries to stop them ... but not even the Dark Knight could expect such a high level of evil. Now Bruce Wayne is back in action with nothing to lose. "

Recall that there was a surprise death in the first annual Batman / Superman band, and we'll leave the other details of the Future State event to you.

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