Via the official website for the original anime Kamisama or Natta Hi, the most recent production of Aniplex and Visual Arts / Key, new members were revealed for the voice cast as well as for the production team. The series will premiere in October 2020 and will be produced by animation studios. P.A. Works.

Voice actress Ayane Sakura (Nao Tomori in Charlotte) joins the cast of voices to play the character of Hina, the protagonist of the story. On the other hand, it was revealed that the direction of the series is in charge of Yoshiyuki Asai (Charlotte, Fate / Apocrypha)

This series will feature a special television program in which there will be great guests such as the composer Jun Maeda, creator of the project, the singers LiSA and Lia, as well as voice actors and actresses who have participated in other Visual Arts / Key projects. This program will be broadcast on the Japanese television channel ABC TV on May 30.

Production team

Writer and composer Jun Maeda He is the intellectual author of the idea and who will be in charge of writing the scripts for the series. On the other hand, the illustrator Na-Ga It will be who designs the characters. Both have already teamed up in both Angel Beats! like in Charlotte.

Kamisama ni Natta hi

Synopsis of Kamisama nor Natta hi

Hina is a little girl who one day wakes up like a goddess. She predicts that the end of time will come soon and that is how she decides to look for a companion to accompany her during the apocalypse.

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