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Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapters two and three contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend you watch them and then go back to read the review.

Kamisama ni Natta Hello Chapter 2
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# 2 The day of the tune

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter two begins with Hina's arrival at the Narukami house. While it is a mystery to Youta why Hina is allowed to live with them, her parents seem to share a certain secret about the young woman's identity. Hina's omniscience reappears when Youta's little sister asks her for help with her film, an opportunity that little "Odin" uses to bring Youta closer to Izanami. Although the plans have all failed, Youta learns more about her childhood friend and even gets her to share a moment thanks to the melody composed by Hina. But not all is well, at the end of the day when Sora comes home injured, we still have 24 days until the end of the world.

# 3 The day the angel falls

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter three begins after Sora's awakening, and that's where we discover the reason for his injury. It seems that his senpai is in trouble because of exorbitant interest rates on a loan. To help her out, Hina devises a full market plan to revive Senpai's ramen shop. Thanks to Youta's acting and Hina's genius, everything is going according to plan and both the ramen shop and the solution for the exorbitant stakes are in place. On the other hand, the arrival of a certain young man in Japan could bring some twists and turns in history. We are now 17 days from the end of the world.

Meet Youta

Although these first episodes were very introductory, they help us understand our protagonist's personality very well. For example the fact that it is extremely flexible. He has a warm feeling for his family and is constantly doing his best to help them, as we've seen him go all out to film his little sister. Of course, Youta had her own interests, but that doesn't detract from efforts to get Sora to take a good shot.

Part of its flexibility is also shown in how adaptable it is to different situations. Youta doesn't have much of a problem with accepting the flow and letting go. We had discovered this trait since his meeting with Hina, but these last two chapters emphasize it. We can see some artistic qualities in him too, playing the piano and acting are not everyone's talents. Although he is not a genius, he manages to get results with effort and help.

But most of all it is noticeable how stupid it is. He knows he's in love with Izanami, but in all fairness, his infatuation came from an imaginary loss. He's spent so much time with her that it is difficult for him to imagine his life without her. He also recognized his feelings when he discovered those of the others. That is perhaps his stupidest side, discovering his love by feeling the competition, that others are interested in Izanami.

With that in mind, it's a bit difficult to determine if what you're feeling is really love. Objectively speaking, none of you have much romantic interest in them. More so, it seems that Youta is desperate to keep his childish core, and that leads him to something like being in love. However, this needs further development as we know there are only three chapters. I don't discard their feelings because love is something we sometimes discover in the face of loss, even if it's imaginary, but I do claim that it needs more development for that.

An effective solution

Overall, we had a lot of fun in both episodes, and all thanks to Hina's bizarre and clever plans. Chapter two was quite an excuse for Youta getting closer to Izanami, and the best bridge to get there was Sora's movie. Hina's ingenuity resulted in no breakthroughs for Youta. The only thing she kept doing was plagiarizing famous films and parodying them in the most ridiculous ways for us.

The first attempt was with ArmageddonThe funniest thing about this plagiarism was how ridiculous they returned the whole plot of the film. The second attempt with RockyThe success of this plagiarism is for Izanami and her cold attitude towards any development. The last attempt that was not completed but that we all know The young scissorhands. Personally, it was my favorite who would say that Youta would look so good disguised as Edward.

But it all served very well to connect with what I believe is Hina's real plan to compose the melody. With so much plagiarism Hina has just prepared, Izanami is a movie buff, but her interest is not in the script, but in the music. Details that Youta did not understand and did not know about her friend. It's funny how much time we spend with someone and even then we can't really know the other person.

Hina's ingenuity doesn't stop there, and in chapter three she shows us that she can revive even the most abandoned restaurant. With a revamped menu and some marketing, Youta completes Hina's instructions by making Senpai's restaurant a total success. And again the whole project has a hint of plagiarism somewhere, but I don't know exactly which program because, in fairness, there are a few. The funny thing is that the entire remodeling plan for the local colors is like an extra again, Hina always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. After all, the real solution to the problem wasn't getting more money, but rather getting rid of the interest on the debt. The target was hit with a little force and a little robbery trick. Is there anything this self-appointed deity isn't doing right?

The secret of both

With three chapters already published, we finally reach some of the puzzles for the plot. Though Hina's appearance was mysterious enough on its own, it should be added that the strange familiarity of Youta's parents makes her presence even more fascinating. Although Hina insists on calling herself a deity, her childlike impulses and naivete do not help her image. But we cannot deny that it actually has enough merit for possible omniscience. However, this could also be the result of careful observation and a touch of ingenious wit. In general, everything about Hina remains a mystery, including the reason for her outfit.

To add more mystery and fog to all of this, the young Suzuki appears. This boy immediately gave us the biggest footprint of his person, his specialty is hacking. He was called to Japan to research all about Korogi Shuichiro, a physicist who specializes in the theory of quantum mechanics and computer science. What exactly they are looking for from this person is not yet clear, but there is no doubt that it directly or indirectly affects our protagonists.

I'm not just saying it because it's obvious to give continuity to the plot, but because of this man's location, Hachiman University. If you can remember, it is the university that Izanami and Youta aspire to. It seems that this will be a point of convergence, although of course this is just an assumption that the end of the world could reach them before they even near the doors of the university.

Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapters two and three were extremely funny episodes. The comedy of this series is characterized by the ingenuity of the dialogues and the simplicity of the auctions. In general, both chapters provide a great overview for getting to know the characters and their interactions and introducing new ones without taking the focus away from the main characters. Both episodes had great animation, I'm a fan of the color palette, the brightness of each scene makes it even more fun to see the crazy things that are being portrayed.

This will surely get serious and sad in no time, but now I want to keep enjoying this comedy. Hina's plagiarism and her naive personality are things I really enjoy about this anime. Needless to say, Youta's adaptability when switching characters was pretty weird. But without a doubt my favorite was his role as the ramen restaurant trainer, all of his passion was felt in this interview. I have a lot of fun with the duo that Hina and Youta make, but I hope I can see more of the other characters. Especially from Izanami, I found her dream for the future and the preparation she is taking to be incredible.

So far I leave you the usual questions: What do you think of these chapters? What direction do you think this story will take? What was your favorite scene from each episode? In the next chapter we will have an exciting mahjong encounter. Hina will continue to get Youta in trouble, if not on purpose.


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