The series Kamisama ni Natta Hi ((The day I became a god), the new project from the makers of Angel beats! Y. Charlotte, has been broadcasting in Japan since the fall season started this year. In episode eight, however, the production team appears to have made a serious mistake. Apparently, by the end of the episode, they saved the work on the background scenarios. Instead, they used screenshots from Google Street Viewas shown by a copyright watermark that was visible for four seconds and that they inexplicably did not remove in their editing.

The corresponding scene shown above is in the 20:26 minute of that episode. So far it's not clear whether the use of Google Street View surveys was the result of the time pressure to deliver the finished product or whether they simply wanted to save the hassle of drawing it. The series has aired in Japan since October 10 and is confirmed with a total of 12 episodes. The distribution rights were left to the platform Funimation.

Production team

  • Jun Maeda The original idea is credited and he is also responsible for writing and overseeing the scripts.
  • Yoshiyuki Asai ((Charlotte, Fate / Apocrypha) is responsible for directing the anime in the studios PA works.
  • Na-Ga returns from many other projects Fine arts / keys to do the character designs with Manabu Nii responsible for adapting to the animation.
  • MANY O Y. Jun Maeda are responsible for composing the soundtrack, with Satoki iida responsible for the direction of sound.
  • Singer Nagi Yanagi He will perform the opening song titled "Kimi to Iu Shinwa" and the closing song titled "Goodbye Seven Seas". Both songs were written by Jun Maeda and composed of MANY O.

Summary of Kamisama ni Natta Hi

One day during Youta Narukami's final summer vacation in high school, a girl named Hina appeared before him and proclaimed herself the "Goddess of Knowledge". Hina announced to the confused Youta that the world would end in just 30 days.

Youta then witnesses Hina's power to foresee the future and becomes convinced that what this girl is saying is real. For her part, with her great innocence, Hina decides to live in Youta's house for some reason, perhaps hoping to keep her company in the face of the impending end of humanity.

Β© VISUAL ARTS / Key / / η₯ž 様 に γͺ γͺ っ た 」Project


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