Jujutsu Kaisen: A new character arrives in the anime

The last episode of Jujutsu Kaisen officially introduced the character of Kento Nanami in the animated series. Now that the characters are introduced, we can finally dive into the first real arc where Yuji investigates a mysterious type of curse.

He is technically dead in the eyes of his comrades Megumi Fushigoro is Nobara KugisakiNow his teammate is a first degree wizard, someone Gojo calls "a madman", but nonetheless, he is someone Yuji can rely on.

This quickly turned out to be true, though Nanami and Yuji face a curse together. Nanami proves that she can and she is very powerful, her attacks are effective. From the outside, however, he looks like a former wage earner who looks strictly at the world. Certainly a certain character that Yuji is not very good at interpreting.

When Gojo explains that in the last episode of Jujutsu Kaisen he wore a look that drove everyone crazy, Nanami left the business world to become a magician. Why wasn't he a wizard from the start? Because according to Nanami, magicians are "shit". He then explains that he quit his job at the company after realizing that "the job sucks too," and after realizing that both options are terrible for him, he chose the career he did did best.

With Nanami's debut in the anime We're getting closer and closer to the first big battle of the season of this anime that gives us great emotions and that could become one of the next Big 3 of Shonen Jump.

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