Usually the heroines of the fight are rather minor characters of little importance. But in the case of Anna Kyoyama from Shaman King The speech is completely different. Let's find out why all future work should follow his example.

We are waiting for the restart of the Shaman King animated series, new information and poster about which has recently been released, and we are carefully studying it one of the most popular characters from fans: Anna Kyoyama.

The franchise inventor Hiroyuki Takei tried the character of Anna transform the classic female figure this is what distinguishes the majority of the battle shonen. Usually in this genre the heroines play a marginal role and morally support the main characters. But Anna Kyoyama reverses this trend, she is an all-round protagonist.

Anna owns cold behaviorwho fits his troubled past perfectly and does not hesitate to challenge danger by showing his extraordinary skills. The girl can summon a powerful spirit by taking advantage of her negative emotions. Instead of acting like Yoh's cheerleaders, she uses her techniques to actively participate in fights.

Instead of doing it Get involved in a romantic storyManga artist Hiroyuki Takei preferred to let her explore her own path. Anna is already Yoh's friend and doesn't have to reveal her feelings to her. This allows her to experience the shaman tournament freely. Anna Kyoyama is therefore an exemplary female figure for all future combat operations. We also discover why Shaman King is an indispensable work.

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