My Hero Academia: 5 Secrets About Ochacos Quirk You May Not Know

While not the most flashy or powerful quirk, no opponent should ever underestimate the weightlessness of Ochaco Uraraka, Yuei High School's aspiring Class 1-A heroine. Let's find out all the secrets about it mysterious power from My Hero Academia.

Uraraka is known to fans of My Hero Academia for her cheerful and sunny personality, as well as for her crush on the protagonist Midoriya. But in combat, Ochaco is a completely different person and No villain should ever underestimate them. Let's find out 5 secrets about its quirk.

The weightlessness of Uraraka prevents gravity from affecting objects and people. Since the air around the target is still exposed to the force of gravity, they float freely. This enables Ochaco to manipulate apparently weightless objects. However, this does not mean that they will lose their mass, on the contrary, the effect is exactly the opposite. Uraraka can handle huge pillars as if they were baseball bats. However, the strength of the object in question is not deficient. On the contrary, due to a simple law of physics, Uraraka is even able to impress a greater force. The girl is therefore endowed with insane strength.

It turns out first that Uraraka can float up to maximum three tons weight;; a pretty low figure considering that a car weighs around a ton and a half. Aside from being limited in combat, it means the girl is not really a good rescuer. Moving rubble could put Uraraka in serious trouble. Despite the fact that no new value was given, after a long training session, the girl improved her handling skills.

Apart from the total weight of Uraraka There are no limits to interaction. The girl could even deprive a simple grain of sand of gravity. This allows her to use small objects as if they were spheres. In addition, the heroine can plan the release of her quirk, thus developing complex strategies that will help eliminate even the most difficult opponent.

There The source of its peculiarity are the fingertips. To activate weightlessness, the UA student has to touch an object with all ten fingers of her hands. Because of this, activating Quirk can be tricky. However, in Chapter 102 of My Hero Academia, the girl accidentally begins to levitate without touching herself. When he's working on his quirk, he can activate it without having to touch the targets directly.

In combat, Uraraka showed great creativity in using Zero Gravity, but when it came to releasing the quirk effect she still proved to be inexperienced. In fact, the girl cannot yet choose which items to publish individually. If she refines that void, Uraraka becomes one of the most powerful heroines in the franchise. In contrast to Uraraka, one of the protagonists of My Hero Academia is considered a mediocre heroine. Deku and Toga team up in this My Hero Academia cosplay.

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