Junji Ito He is best known for his works on horror, but in the past the author has applied his own style to other genres. At Comic-Con 2020, he confided in Viz Media’s microphones that if he had a chance, he would approach the romantic comedy.

It is surely strange that an author who is able to shape lysergic and harrowing visions on paper has the pleasure of delving into a radically different kind of story. However, This strange inclination of the author can also be seen in his first horror stories, permeated with a strong romantic connotation.

And more generally – the subject of love in his stories is a constant – Tomie is a clear example of thisand looked at it in its most perverse and tired colors. About the work in question, A television transposition was recently announced.

Alexandre Aja will be responsible for the series, known for his work on feature films like “Le Collien have eyes” and “High Voltage”. The screenplay is published by the writer David Leslie Johnson, of whom we remember “The Conjuring” and “Aquaman”. The series will appear in the Quibi catalog and no official release date has been announced at the moment.

Junji Ito tells the origin of his crazy creative series in an interview. Junji Ito has stated that he wants to work with another horror genius, a certain Stephen King.

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