Written and illustrated on the official manga page by Mizunomoto, Tensei Shitara ore ga heroine de Aitsu ga Yuusha dattaThe cover of the first compilation volume to be released in Japan on August 25 has been revealed.

Mizunomoto started publishing the manga on the website Comic Gardo from the publisher overlap in April 2020. The author has also written other manga series such as Another. Wonderland of the Dead, Dolce Due, and A high school girl who admires the Onee-san she sees on the train every morning.

Synopsis of Tensei Shitara Ore ka Heroine from Aitsu ga Yuusha datta

Keito Azumi is an ordinary high school student who was reborn in another world after an accident in which he apparently died. But in the other world, he discovers that he was reborn as heroin and his friend who died with him was reborn as a hero! What an uncomfortable situation, he thought.

Source: Official Twitter account

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