Naruto: In which episode does Kakashi show his face?  Let’s remember this epic event

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most fascinating and powerful characters in the entire Masashi Kishimoto franchise. However, since its debut, the ninja copier has been hiding a great mystery: the true look of its face. In what sequence of Naruto it shows?

One of the greatest secrets of Kishimoto's work is Kakashi's real face. Since his first appearance, the copying ninja has always hidden under a mask that covers him the lower part of the face. This enigma has fueled the doubts of fans, who have always tried to imagine what might be hidden under the mask of the future sixth Hokage. However, in one episode of the anime, Kakashi shows his face. Do you remember how he looked

An entire episode of the animated series was dedicated to this great mystery. In Naruto episode 101, the three trainees of the copier ninja tried in every way to discover his face. However, these attempts failed miserably and Kakashi's face remained hidden in his mysterious aura.

Only in Naruto Shippuden episode 469 did the fans discover its real characteristics. In this episode, Kakashi revealed his true colors not just once but twice. The first in disguise, the second while hiding from her boys.

This memorable event recently returned to inflame Reddit users thanks to a post created by Daniel Perez Asai. The user has shared the video clip in question and triggered a series of videos Judge Kakashi's appearance. And how do you prefer it? With or without a mask? We also remember another mythical event: when Sasuke unlocked the Eternal Hypnotic Sharingan in Naruto. The technique of eroticism is more powerful than ever in this Naruto cosplay.

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