This 2020, which will soon close Weekly Shonen Jump, is sure to be one of the most atypical in the history of the magazine. Many long-lasting and basic titles have been completed, the Act-Age fall, the flop of some veterans and the return of many others along with the arrival of newcomers with other manga. At the end of the new 2020 series there is Sakamoto days.

The new manga, which debuted these days on Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus, was written and drawn by Yuto Suzuki and debuted a week after Build King by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. What is this manga about? Let's watch the first chapter of the Sakamoto Days together.

Sakamoto is an extraordinary killer and is adored by everyone, but suddenly disappeared from the underworld. The reason why? In a small shop he met the love of his life. Since that day, Sakamoto and his wife have been the fat clerk of a small grocery store and now live to support their family. Taciturn and available, he still has murderous thoughts to the rudest.

Someday Shin discovers his new environment, a young boy who is part of a gang of criminals who can read minds. His goal is to get Sakamoto back into action, but he gets no results. He also tries to kill him to do his job, but even if he has lost his optimal physical shape, Sakamoto is still a real monsterCorner shin with spit, gum and rubber bands.

Shin has regained admiration for this killer he once knew and decides to get him to lead a quiet daily life with his family to make amends for the criminal group that both worked for but who made him want to kill. Shin is cornered, however Sakamoto helps prove that he is still an exceptional soldier.

To pay off, Shin will be working on a meager wage at Sakamoto's supermarket. The duo then unpredictably revert to working together. The The next chapter of the Sakamoto Days will be posted on MangaPlus on Sunday November 29th.

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