Soon the creative team behind the comic series Marauders is renewed with the arrival of Steve Orlando, who will replace Gerry Duggan as screenwriter. In an exclusive interview, Orlando anticipated part of his plans for the future of the super villains of the Marvel Universe and also spoke about the contents of the first year.

Marauders Annual # 1, scheduled for January 12, 2022, will mark Orlando's baptism of fire as the series writer. From what he revealed at the most recent meeting with comic book colleagues, his team-building relationship-building methods are instantly established and attention is paid Brimstone Love, villain appeared in the universe of 2099.

The annual will also be fundamental in laying the foundations for the Marauders' rebirth and projecting the protagonists onto the adventures that take place in the regular series, premiere on March 30, 2022. When visiting the first mission of Kate Pryde's team, Orlando wanted to focus primarily on rescuing the mutants that Krakoa could not reach.

Orlando's main focus is on Define who the marauders are as precisely as possible, and how they fit into the vast and intricate universe of the X-Men, reborn thanks to Jonathan Hickman. Pryde seeks out people who are guided by a strong sense of justice and compassion and chooses to rely on them Bishop, Psylocke, Daken, Aurora, Tempo and Somnus. In the same way, Orlando and his team wanted to get a forgotten villain, Brimstone Love, back on paper, to whom the varied cover of the yearbook, which you will find below, was dedicated.

A negative character who aims to bring pain to his enemies and who is interested in overthrowing Krakoa and the roots on which this new era of Marvel's Mutants was founded. In conclusion, remember that Jason Aaron spoke about the future of Marvel Comics, and we're going to let you discover three volumes perfect for getting to know the Eternals.

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