Some of the most popular characters in Masami Kurumada's masterpiece include: Saint Seiya: The Knights of the ZodiacIn a prominent place are the mythical Golden Knights, heroes who are loyal to Athena and who have repeatedly risked their lives to ensure the peace and safety of the goddess.

When the anime first appeared, the absurd power difference between gold and bronze armor was evident. The rise of the Knights of the Zodiac between the 12 Houses saw the protagonists of several incredible clashes that showed the superiority of the Golden Knights and their resilient armor. Although the gold saints have repeatedly vowed the indestructibility of their remains, the battles have left gods behind indelible marks also on their armor.

Even during the stop at the bull's house, Pegasus succeeded in both the manga and the anime, to which changes were made in certain cases smash the seemingly indestructible bull horn. Even Andromeda managed to cut the fish armor with the deadly mist against Fish, just as Saga managed to crack the remains of the twins in an act of extreme suicide. As a result, even gold armor has a hard time resisting when exposed to severe attack.

Even within the barrier of the Castle of Hades, the remains were not the only ones to offer the much-vaunted resistance Rhadamante it was enough to damage the gold saints and their armor more or less severely. Either way, no character but gods can tear them to pieces, just think about it Thanatos who had no difficulty in the Elysian Fields, almost simultaneously destroying 4 of the armor that rushed to defend the Knights of the Zodiac. The most powerful remains among the Kamui, however, are those of the Golden Knights of Athena who, while not as indestructible as they are praised, offer superior protection to both gold scale armor and surplici.

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