fairy tale ended in 2017 and although Hiro Mashima began production of his new work EDENS ZERO the following year, it is possible to see numerous works of art with the characters of the most popular series he has created via his Twitter account.

The new joint design represents the protagonist of Fairy Tail Lucy Heartphilia. In the figure posted in the tweet at the end of this news, we note how the girl took advantage of her ability Star dressto take over both the clothing and the powers of one of the star spirits in his possession. In particular, the choice of clothes of the young woman in this case corresponds to one of the creatures that represent a zodiac sign Tauros of the sign of the bull.

The choice is not accidental as this character is also in the chinese zodiac and that is what coincides with the current year 2021. The author has therefore decided to celebrate the year that has just started again, as he had previously done with the EDENS ZERO sketches.

While the cartoon for young wizards also came to an end in 2019, a new anime Produced by JCStaff will be released soon for the author's new work. In this context, Mashima recently made some statements after a first trailer for EDENS ZERO was released.

What do you think of the new illustration by Hiro Mashima? Let us know in the comments. I also remember the famous Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki wanted to celebrate the New Year with a certain design too.

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