Together with the artist Ryan Stegman, Donny Cates inaugurated the new series, which was dedicated to him Poison Now that the author has worked on more than 30 chapters, he decides to give up work with number 200 of the same.

The writer entered the Marvel scene in 2017 and worked on Doctor Strange. He was later involved in the creation of several stories, among which we can remember some of the Cosmic Ghost Rider series. The man is currently writing the pages of with Stegman King in black, Marvel Comics event where we remember an important hero who was killed.

Through a tweet that will be visible at the bottom of the news, the author confirms his decision to no longer devote himself to the symbiote. In the post, he declares his intention to make number 200 of the Venom series the last he will lay his hand on and later thanks those who have followed and supported him so far.

The author had previously shown his own in an interview for IGN Disbelief in what he could build with Stegman and thanks to all the fans who have followed them so far.

The release of Poison # 200 is scheduled for April and in connection with the end of the series also ends the King in Black event where I remember that on the last pages of Agent Venom one of the most popular characters is back.

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