The new Marvel comic series Avengers Forever gives fans some very memorable unreleased characters. Introducing Tony Stark, the invincible Ant Man, it's time for the debut of a Thor who isn't worthy of raising Mjolnir but is still capable of protecting K'Un Lun as the immortal Iron Fist.

The Avengers Forever series sees the adventures of some Avengers of the Multiverse and their attempts to thwart the plans of the multiversal Lords of Evil. The protagonist is Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider of Earth-616, the main Marvel universe, accompanied by a Deathlok capable of traveling through realities.

Next July, in Avengers Forever #8, Robbie encounters a Thor who can no longer wield his hammerand that for this reason he decided to travel to the mystical land of K'Un Lun to learn its secrets and become Iron Fist, a role usually played by Danny Rand.

Avengers Forever #8 is written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Aaron Kuder, who also did the cover for the issue (which we'll talk about below). the unworthy Thor with his fist in the foreground. Before getting acquainted with this variant of the Thunderer, the Son of Odin will definitely be the protagonist of the anniversary number Thor 750, which will arrive next week.

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