Among the many ninjas who populate the manga from Naruto One of the most popular is Kakashi Hatake. This is how a fan wanted to represent him thanks to his cosplay.

The man is also one of the strongest shinobi in the Blattdorf Naruto's master and of the entire team 7. The characteristic that distinguishes him is the almost completely covered face, the eye, which is normally hidden, is actually revealed in the fight to use the ocular art of Sharinganwhich earned him the nickname Ninja Copier.

Thanks to his skills, Kakashi even managed to become the sixth Hokage. However, moments of leisure in which he is involved and in which we notice him are not uncommon immersed in reading one of Jiraya's novels.

This is exactly how the fan of the Vini cosplay series wanted to interpret the mighty ninja, which we can then watch while sitting hold the inseparable book. Just like in the series, the thick white hair is clearly visible while the clothes he wears are in keeping with the classic ninja uniform Jonin from Konoha.

I remember that even the previous fifth Hokage, that is Tsunadewas the protagonist of a cosplay that Hana Bunny had dedicated to the Naruto manga. Finally, I report on news in which the strange presentation video of a football player in the role of Naruto can be seen.

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