Considered one of the best Shonen series ever written Hunter X Hunter Since its debut on the Weekly Shonen Jump website in 1999, it has garnered millions of readers around the world. Although the series has been paused for more than a year, fans wanted to remember one of the most important moments.

The first of September is in fact a date that not only marks the beginning of one of the most complex and intense narrative arcs of the entire work, but also the day on which Gon, Killua, Leorio and Kurapika have reunited on the outskirts of York Shin City after being long divided.

If we see Gon only interested in auctions at first, then York Shin City is famous for winning at least one copy of the Greed Island game, while Togashi's brilliant narrative revealed numerous subplots about the other characters and the dangerous Phantom Brigade throughout the chapters.

To remember very important day in the series, Fans shared pictures, scenes straight from the anime, cosplay and funny fanart. At the bottom of the news, you can find some of the posts shared on Twitter.

Remember that Hunter x Hunter is one of the most popular irregular series and we are leaving you with a video parody that rounds up the story of Gon and his companions.

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