Warning! This review on Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… Chapter ten contains spoilers. If you haven't watched the episode yet, I recommend you go check it out and then come back to read the review.

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Episode 10: The turning point has come ... (Part One)

Hamehura Chapter ten begins with the imminent trial of Katarina, the misdeeds of this villain are exposed, except that she has done nothing and to prove her innocence all her harem arrives. After getting rid of the trial, it seems that everything will go smoothly, but Maria notices something strange and when she chases the track, she ends up disappearing. The search for Maria's whereabouts sheds some disturbing clues, the real target is Katarina. Someone who possesses dark magic is behind this whole elaborate plan. Amid her daydreams, Katarina ends up facing the real culprit, a hidden character that her friend A-chan had already told her about before. Sirius is the mastermind, although something in him awakens Katarina's compassion, but without being able to do anything, she falls prey to Sirius's magic.

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Are those your friends?… My best friends

Bakarina's trial happened as it should have, except that those who prosecuted her were not the targets of conquest. Irrefutable proof that the game has been totally changed by her. In fact, those who were supposed to prosecute her are the ones who have come to her defense, a somewhat cruel and mocking defense. Just like in the game, Katarina is accused of cruelty and misuse of her noble status, she is basically accused of being a bullie. But unlike the game, Katarina has never harassed anyone or used her noble status to ridicule third parties. In essence, the trial would not give any results because there are no acts to accuse.

As I said, with Maria's disapproval of the allegations that she had been harassed by Katarina, the entire trial fell apart. Although that was not enough, the harem had to speak and seeing all the "evidence" gathered, the only thing they could say was: "a lot of text"Well, no, but yes. It was all too elaborate for someone as silly as Katarina to do it. They were actually based not only on their stupidity, but also on their honesty. Being as it is, it is impossible to believe that she would hurt someone by attacking cowardly in a group or playing tricks, she would do it head-on.

The great turning point was successfully overcome. All the changes that Katarina made in the game over the years paid off. There was no need to resort to his sword skill, he didn't even have to throw his toy snake. Seeing it like this, she would say that all her preparations were useless, what saved her was what she never planned or controlled.

Opposite magic

After the "roast" to which she was subjected by her harem, Katarina was released from any charges but there was still something to fix. Those girls seemed to be controlled by something, a situation that only Maria could notice. As the chapter progresses it becomes evident to us because Maria was the only one to notice that there was something wrong. That is because there is dark magic involved and only a few know about this magic, and added to that only those who possess light magic could detect it.

Maria's confrontation against the source of that dark magic ended in complete defeat. Although Maria discovered that the president of the student council was the cause of everything, she could not do anything against him. He could not even give notice that he was responsible. Light magic was a great advantage for Maria, because thanks to her she was not affected by the magic of Sirius. However, his immunity was useless because he fell into the clutches of his enemy, giving him the perfect excuse to weaken Katarina's defenses.

Light and darkness are two opposing forces, who should have had the strength to face the enemy could not. Despite having the ideal magic for it. The changes that Katarina has brought about in the game seem to have affected the ability of some as well. Well, although it is well known that Maria is brilliant, we have not seen great progress in her magic management and with this defeat it is even more evident.

After all if it is an Otome game

With so much comedy and nonsense, I think even I had already forgotten that this whole story is supposed to happen within an Otome game. But this chapter made it clear. Out of nowhere I summon the great cliches of an Otome game: a hidden character was revealed, he showed us how useless the protagonists of these games usually are against enemies and I extol everything with a sad scene where the girl worries more about her enemy than by herself. Katarina is not the protagonist of the game but by now she is acting as if she really is. I say this because of the personality it has by being excessively aware of the weakness and sadness of others.

The drama of a game climax Otome is just beginning. The confrontation with the hidden character and the revelation of his past are sure to bring new perspectives for this story and its development.

Final comment

Hamehura Chapter ten, has been a different episode from the previous ones, it was more dramatic and intrigued. The revelation that President Sirius is the "hidden boss" surely came as a surprise to more than one. After all, one does not expect more characters to appear out of nowhere to conquer and include in the harem. Well, at least this is saying, it has long since become a very popular trend to include hidden characters in Otome game stories. All this in order to give a higher level of challenge to these games.

Before closing this, I have to say that I really liked the change in climate that was felt in the episode. The script carried the tension management neatly. Starting with a dramatic touch with judgment, but he got along great with comedy, and then interweaved a more sinuous panorama when exploring the subject of dark magic. The scene of the loss of all her friends was a great blow to Bakarina and they portrayed her very well. Perhaps my favorite part was the protagonists' confrontations with Sirius. Although Maria could not do anything before him, the image that was projected was aesthetically beautiful, light against darkness the meeting of two opposing forces. Then we had his meeting with Katarina, he was overflowing with emotion. The burst of Sirius' emotions and Katarina's compassion were just great.

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Anyway this time we are closing this review here, tell me: What did you think of this episode? What is your opinion on Bakarina's trial and roast? What will happen to Bakarina now that she has fallen into Sirius' magic? How can Katarina and Maria save their friends? How can they help Sirius, who is also suffering?


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