The one of Fairy Tail it was undoubtedly one of the paper and animated series that more than any other managed to violently split the public, between those who greatly appreciated the characters and the story behind it all and those who, on the contrary, were unable to accept some choices taken from Hiro Mashima.

Despite the criticisms, there is no doubt that Fairy Tail can today count on a huge audience made up of millions of readers and spectators spread all over the world, and although Mashima is currently working on his new creature, Edens Zero, many fans continue to show the own love for Fairy Tail with cosplay and fanart often made with extreme care.

Such high public attention has obviously prompted various companies to create themed products designed to enthrall this large audience, companies including Twilight Studio, which recently ended up in the spotlight thanks to a magnificent Fairy Tail themed figures and dedicated to our beloved Erza Scarlet. As you can see from the images placed at the bottom of the news, the work is characterized by a huge amount of details and shows Erza armed with a sword and ready for combat. According to what was announced by the company, the product was put on sale at the price of 176 euros - not counting the shipping costs - with pre-orders already open and output set for the third quarter of 2020.

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