My Hero Academia 4: the home video edition will contain a special dedicated to Kaminari and Jiro

For fans of the manga by My Hero Academia the current one is definitely not a good time to talk about ship between characters, especially considering the events of the last chapter. However, getting distracted is always a good idea, and the news that we are about to give you will surely make fans of anime, manga or both series happy.

In fact, it has been confirmed that in Volume 6 of the home video edition of My Hero Academia 4, a special short story with protagonists will be included Denki Kaminari is Kyoka Jiro, two of the most "shipped" characters from fans of the series. The special will not be told in an extra episode but on a Drama-CD, and will be titled "Scary! The music studio in the middle of the night!".

For the less accustomed we remember that a Drama-CD differs from a music CD in that it does not have various pieces or compositions inside it, but real scenes of 5/10 minutes recited by voice actors of anime characters. The synopsis of the short story in question reads as follows: "The conclusion of the Cultural Festival is approaching, and Jiro remembers having left his laptop in the music room! Determined to go and retrieve it, the girl asks Kaminari for help, but while the two walk through the school corridors, strange shadows begin to appear. Shortly thereafter, the two even hear music coming from the hall! Will they manage to come out unscathed?". Volume 6 of the home video edition does not yet have a western release date, so before we can recover this extra we will have to wait a bit.

And what do you think of it? Are you interested in these specials? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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