Several events affect the now finished manga bleaching. In 2021 in particular, the work will celebrate its twentieth anniversary and fans are waiting for the new cartoon series. In the meantime, we have the opportunity to watch Ichigo in a new drawing by the author.

Recently, fans of Shinigami's adventures have been able to follow the events narrated in thanks to a new animated adaptation Burn the witch, Manga by Tite Kubo in the same universe as Bleach. However, what is most expected is the release of an already announced one new animated customization for the most popular manga series that will bring the saga of the Millennial War in particular to the screens.

In this narrative arc, the heroes of the manga will collide with him Quincy, Men with special skills long-standing rivals of the Shinigami. This group of enemies was introduced from the first chapters of the work by Uryu Ishida, a character from Bleach whom we have been able to examine in the past.

While we wait for more news, we identify a new one Illustration by the author Created in honor of the series' fan club called Klub Outside. It is present in the drawing Ichigo Kurosakion an orange background as he holds his sword ready to face his opponents.

Hoping to see Shinigami fight again, here's what we can expect from the new Bleach anime.

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