Also this month Dragon Ball Super returns with a new chapter, the first in a new narrative arc that promises to be full of twists and turns. Let's meet Granolah, the new character from Toyotaro and Toriyama, whose role appears to be destined to upset the balance of the universe.

We don't know yet if Granolah is a villain or not, but Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super laid the groundwork for the new saga by introducing new characters. The new DB Super version is finally available from 4 p.m. today Manga Plus. Let's see the highlights of this incredible episode together.

The chapter starts with one Granolah flashback This is reminiscent of the terrible extermination of the Freeza army and the Saiyajins against the Cereleans, a race to which the mysterious individual belongs. The alien carries the encapsulated OG73 android as a negotiation chip and, after a brief dialogue about Freeza's death and the extermination of the Saiyans, walks through the stars at full speed.

The scene switches to Goku who tries to stop the oracle fish by injecting him with a sleeping pill. In fact, the fish cannot rest, a symptom that whis translates into a bad omen. The feat accomplished Goku transforms into Ultra Instinct and resumes training with Whis, who however does not struggle to defeat him and reproach him for copying his techniques. Beerus confirms Vegeta's hypothesis that the angel is constantly in the ultra instinct state and that is why it is so powerful. Whis comforts Goku by warning him that by continuing the training he has a good chance of getting even stronger, and after a short break, the two resume training.

Vegeta looks annoyed, but admits it don't care about Ultra Instinct. Beerus grabs the ball to explain to the Saiyan prince that this technique is not the only one owned by the gods, but that he has no intention of being a master. Rather, he invites him to practice with him and steal the techniques he is hiding.

Again the scene shifts to Granolah, who lands on an asteroid from which a large building protrudes. So he comes into a room where, greeted by 4 people, delivers the capsule with the Android OG73 for a large sum of money. ElecWho appears to be the leader reveals to him that the one who rules the universe today is the one in control of money and information, which seems to belong to number 73. Then he tells Granolah that Freeza is still alive and that a strong desire for revenge arouses in the Cerelean. However, the man holds back his instincts by suggesting that he is still far out of his reach and invites him to wait for a work schedule.

As soon as he exits the asteroid, Elec explains to his three henchmen that the revelation of Freeza's return is the result of a plan specifically designed to keep him from getting stronger and taking him out of the game. Then he calls out his goal: Enter the Zuno Palace thanks to information from n ° 73.

Shortly after the voyage resumes, Granolah is intercepted by Soshiru, one of Elec's three seedy men who wants to withdraw the money and is forced to turn to a nearby asteroid. Even so, the Cereleaner skillfully manages to get away in time and hit his enemy from several meters away, just like a sniper. However, he decides to spare his enemy and grow stronger in order to avenge his race. The last table returns to the oracle fish, who sleepwalkers next arrival of the strongest warrior in the universe.

The Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on February 19th. As for you, what do you think of this chapter instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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